TV Branding / Worldwide.

The oval will rock you. The shape where competitive sports lives, breathes and battles.
For Fox Sports, it begins and ends with the stadium. We worked with Fox International
Channels' creative team to produce “The Oval System,” our graphic pack of digital
gymnastics based on the logo. The logo/stadium splinters, slices,dices, spins and
reattaches. The steely shapes thrillingly become airborne as stacking assemblages and
land as the perfect logo.


We proudly announce that this year we have won 3 Awards at the Latin America Promax
2014. One Gold Promax was for the IDs we developed for Discovery TCL, and a Silver
and Bronze (in different categories) for the live action NatGEO IDs. This makes
a total of 13 Promax Awards for Superestudio. Checkout the winning pieces below.

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We are excited to announce that we have moved to a new location in the neighbordhood
of Nuñez. New place, new energy!

June '14.

Superestudio Motion Reel June '14.
Special selections of commercial projects.

TV Branding / Latin America.

How do you grab social network users' attention while celebrating action movies?
Create a fictitious awards show, add sparks – and much more will ignite. And that's
exactly what we did. Loudly. Aimed at launching the channel's new digital platform,
Space Go, the run included a tribute to all things that make action movies
compelling. Not the stars - but the explosions, blood-curdling screams, and
gnarly weapons.

TV Branding / Latin America.

Discovery Latam contacted us to develop a series of IDs for TLC. The main concept
was to play with the brand and make it interact with the different elements of the
channel in a dynamic, fun way. To achieve this effect, we developed a universe of
icon graphics based onthe round-ended rectangles of the logo, telling animated
stories and intertwining them based on the themes of the most relevant shows. In
these pieces, the logo experiments. In these pieces, the logo experiments with
all the content featured by the network.

TV Branding / Worldwide.

Experimental, astonishing, warm, curious. Fantastic realities inspired by slow
motion images, distorted gravity, reverse camera and macro shots. This was
the creative approach to show NatGeo's strong spirit. Reloading a Natgeo pitch
proposal made in 2011, we created 4 different live action IDs using almost
no post-production or color retouching and 1 Id mixing live action with CGI.
The goal was to represent the different topics included in the Natgeo programming
within poetic, almost abstract environments.

TV Branding / Worldwide.

Teaming up once again with Corina Capuano and Juan Pablo Cionci from the FIC
Creative team, we produced the FX 2013 rebranding campaign. Based on the concept
of finding the FX perspective, the intention was to create a graphic package that would
show the edgy point of view of FX. The result: a razor sharp package that will blow
your mind!

TV spot / Argentina & Uruguay.

We were very pleased to be given the opportunity to present the new, premium,
eco-friendly Buquebus ferry. Our goal was to show the main features of the ship
in a straightforward yet warm, beautiful way. The modern and comfortable design
of the all-new Buquebus was the perfect inspiration to develop the project...
the images speak for themselves.

Promotion/Marketing and Design Awards/Latin America.

We proudly announce that we have won 2 Golden Promax Awards at the Latin
American Promax 2013. One was for the ID's we developed for Home
and health, and another one for the Lynch title secuence. This makes 10 Promax
in the last few years for Superestudio, and we are psyched about growing
doing cool stuff... Catch a glimpse of the winning jobs!

TV Branding / Canada.

Once more, and together with the creative team of Movie Central Canada, we created
a promo for the Canadian fall season, showing how the channel can be
seen in different platforms. This was achieved mixing images
from the mind-blowing SKYFALL 007 and realistic-looking 3D images.

TV Branding / Global.

Our challenge was to create the graphic package for a new series of documentaries
broadcasted by Natgeo International, which will be seen throughout
the globe except in the US. We wanted to communicate the spirit of the eighties using
a Natgeo style, trying to stay away from the clichés of this colorful decade.

Title Sequence / Latam.

This is our first job dealing with title sequence for the most important series featured
in Moviecity, starring Natalia Oreiro.
Our goal: to refresh the previous image adding a more action/suspense-oriented
feel to it.

TV Branding / Asia.

FIC Singapore called us to create a new thematic ID for F1.
We answered the call with an F1 environment infused with the Fox Sports brand.
The long shots enhance the drama of racing with high octane cars speeding through
the logo kicking up clouds of sparks and smoke.
The entire city as a court.

TV Branding / Latin America.

Gorgeous graphic package for Fox Sports Latin America,created especially
for a show featuring interviews to football celebrities and personalities.
The idea was to create the logo paying special attention to the dot, and then
using it as a starting point and common element to generate sleek,
dynamic graphics and animations, reminiscent of the world of interviews
blended with football.

TV Branding / Latin America.

A visual journey through a blend of animated illustrations bring to life
Discovery’s Home & Health franchise in this playful brand identity.
We invite you to take a look!

TV Branding / Asia.

We were called by Singapore Fox Sports creative team to develop the graphic
package for their top show, Fox Sports Central.
The Sports News package was based on the giant "O" in the form of
a factory and a tv studio combined & constructed by bold lettertype with backlit,
tubes, metal with a sense of speed, strength and design.

TV Branding / Latin America.

After the radical change of the image of this channel in 2009, making it more playful,
colorful, warm and high quality, we were once again called by Fox Latin America to do
a refresh, but keeping the strong concept previously developed.
We invite you to take a look!

TV Branding / USA & Canada.

Movie Central is the ultimate uncut, commercial free entertainment channel
for the Canadian market. This brand refresh brings to life the new positioning
of the network under the slogan, "This is Premium TV".
Together with the Corus team, we developed a visual approach that portrayed
the Movie Central logo as high octane machine fueled by the best in entertainment.
Slick machined parts come to life as blockbuster movies charge through the device
illuminating the machine that is Movie Central.
The launch promo set the tone for the rest of the package for the ID's and promo tool kit.

Sony Spin / TV Branding / Latin America.

Sony LatAm entrusted us with the task of creating several pieces for a special
edition of its latest channel, Sony Spin.
The idea was to make a countdown to present a musical journey through
the career of highly popular artists and interesting up-and-coming rock bands
through ten of their most important videos, with a twist to be hosted
by their true protagonists: the musicians.

September ´12.

Superestudio is very happy to present its latest cut of the new demo reel for this year.
You will find a special selection of our latest works and some highlights of our work
from previous years. Come and take a look!

TV branding / Worldwide.

TV Branding / USA.

This is our latest and most important branding work for Fox International Channels.
Working again with Corina Capuano and Juan Pablo Cionci for FOX's new US channel,
Mundo Fox. The intention the channel had was to make an important new national
network featuring fresh content specifically for today's Latino audience.
MundoFox is set to capture the imagination of this bi-cultural audience that lives
in both the English and Spanish speaking worlds with a mix of well-produced,
culturally relevant and sophisticated programming.

TV Branding / Global.

This is our second on-air rebrand for FIC (Fox international channels) for its
channel FOX. Once again, we worked side by side with Corina Capuano and
her team. While maintaining the channel´s aesthetic look, we developed the
full branding re-adapting the old version. Our mission was to enhance its fun
and modern spirit, but adding even more simplicity and functionality to the
package, which had to be suitable for all regions.

TV Branding / India.

We developed the rebranding for Bindass, a very important channel for
teens in India. The channel is part of the UTV chain and The Walt Disney
Co. We are very happy to continue working for Asia and being able to
provide our creative input in this market.
The campaign was entitled 'Restless', and based on this concept we created
this package using the 'silhouette inside the silhouette' resource, a graphic
metaphor for active, energetic and cool youth. The result was a graphic
package full of attractive colors, dynamic, vibrant and passionate, which was
developed based on a mix of 2D animation and live action.

TV Branding / Turkey.

Star TV is one of the most important free entertainment channels in Turkey.
We developed the re-design of the logo and the full re-branding of the
channel, with the challenge of being innovative and to reposition a valued
brand among its viewers. Using a shiny esthetic developed in 3D, a wide and
saturated color palette and a dynamic symmetry and elegance, we developed
this beautiful work, our first for the Turkish market.

TV Branding / Spain & Portugal.

In 2011, Visualzink contacted Superestudio for a collaboration to participate in
competing to redesign the IDs for the prestigious channel Canal Plus, leader in
paid TV in Spain and with a remarkable history in brand development. The
proposed approach, winner of this pitch, meant a return to the textures and
patterns of nature, to the expression of life and the forces of nature, all within
the conspicuous tridimensional logo of Canal Plus. We also sought a differentia-
tion from the environment of synthetic images that is so predominant in chan-
nel IDs, in their most immediate context.

TV Branding / Latin America.

This is Sony’s new image for its awesome new channel: Sony Spin. The purpose
was to create a style that will attract young teenagers, using elements of
technology but with a more interesting, analogue and fun look.

Promax BDA LATAM 2011
Silver award
Animated Graphic Package developed for SONY SPIN Latin America.

TV Branding / China.

Once again, in collaboration with Fox and for their channel Fox Movies, in this
case for China, we were asked to create 3 complex IDs where the 3D development,
the mattepaint and the post-production led to very interesting pieces. We invite
you to take a look!

TV Branding / Japan & Middle East.

Based on reflective and refractive materials, optical effects and geometry, we
built a universe for FOX INTERNATIONAL CHANNELS where matter is at the ser-
vice of light. This is the frame and space for FoxMovies' new graphic package, a
comprehensive Superestudio proposal in high definition (HD) that the television
network commisioned us to carry out, for its Japanese and Middle Eastern