Dressed in black and white but thinking in colors.



What we do


  • Superestudio, a global award-winning branding and creative agency.
    We specialize in reaching, connecting and engaging brands with target audiences, elevating brands beyond the competition.

  • We Strategize
    We provide insights into an existing brand, its competition, and the marketplace. Based on our findings, we develop a brand: message, look, and feel – and to an all– encompassing brand roadmap.

  • We Think Globally
    We bring a global perspective. We are multi-cultural, bilingual team. Together we have won more than 20 international awards, working for the largest companies around the world.

  • We Collaborate
    Working side by side with our client, we discuss the optimal path to follow with regard to message, design, and the construction of each project aligned to its vision and promise.

  • We Design
    We design communications that crash through the daily information overload. We stand out in the noise. The driving force behind our streamlined messages is the strategy and business goals set as the starting point of our development.

  • We Produce
    Because of our 15+ years of experience we can do it all: design, 2D or 3D animation, illustration, photography, live action, and mixed media. We do it all in a very cost effective manner.

From our Buenos Aires office to the world, we deliver avant-garde branding at its most artful, thrilling and sensible.




What people say



  • Nick Refresh


    “Superestudio was the right company for this refresh because they use a great mix of different techniques, and they brought a fresh viewpoint that had just the right amount of quirk and whimsy.”


    Michael Waldron
    Senior Vice President,
    Creative Director at Nickelodeon US

    See the case study
  • TMC Rebrand


    “The experience with Superestudio was great! Their creative pitch met a very complex brief, fulfilled our expectations and excelled in being visually very creative. During the production stage, they were able to front and react to our different demands, often changing in approaches, but keeping within the schedule. The projects delivered for in-house usage are very easy to use, high-quality rendered and really stunning!.”


    David Sedel
    Director of Creative Services
    at TF1 Group France.

    See the case study
  • Fox Premium Rebrand


    “They truly made visible on screen the concept change in Fox Premium, and we finally have the look & feel that our brand deserves. They worked with talent and effort, within a very complicated timeline, delivering perfection.”


    Andre Takeda
    VP Creative Services at Fox Networks
    Group Latin America.

    See the case study

Who we are

Ezequiel Rormoser
Executive Creative Director

Marcos Torres
Executive Producer

Mariano Barbieri
Creative Director

Ignacio Rojo
Production Director

Sofía Teodoro
Account Manager

Leandro Feuz
Animation Director

Florencia Piovesanel
Art Director

Malena De Luca

Ezequiel Leiva

Eugenia Lorenzo

Since 2002 an award winning company

Honors and awards


  • PromaxBDA Latam Gold Award 2017


    Fox Premium
    Art Direction and Design:
    Total Package Design


    Fox Networks Group Latin America


  • PromaxBDA Latam Silver Award 2017


    Fox Premium
    Marketing video / Presentation
    – internal or external


    Fox Networks Group Latin America


  • PromaxBDA Global Silver Award
    The X Files vs Saul Bass

    PromaxBDA Global Silver Award
    Nat Geo ID’s

    PromaxBDA Latam Bronze Award
    Nat Geo Adventure ID

    PromaxBDA Latam Gold Award
    Discovery TLC Travel ID’s

    PromaxBDA Latam Silver Award
    Nat Geo ID’s

    PromaxBDA Global Silver Award
    Nat Geo ID’s

    PromaxBDA Latam Bronze Award
    Lynch Title Sequence

    PromaxBDA Latam Gold Award
    Discovery Home & Health Themed Nights

  • PromaxBDA Global Gold Award
    Animax Global Rebrand

    PromaxBDA Europe Silver Award
    Animax Global Rebrand

    PromaxBDA Latam Bronze Award
    Animax Global Rebrand

    PromaxBDA Latam Silver Award
    FX Global Rebrand

    PromaxBDA Global Bronze Award
    Sony Spin Latam Launching Campaign

    PromaxBDA Latam Gold Award
    Nat Geo Mundo Branding

    PromaxBDA Latam Silver Award
    Sony Spin Latam

    PromaxBDA Latam Gold Award
    AXN Film Festival

From our Buenos Aires base we’re reaching out globally

Who we work for


What the press says


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  • Nickelodeon Unveils Brand Refresh


    “Created with Argentinean global branding and creative agency Superestudio, the new look emphasizes the power of imagination”

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  • Stash Media


    “Ezequiel Rormoser, creative director at Superestudio in Buenos Aires: "This is a sizzle reel gathering 20 IDs we did for the TFX rebrand, a channel for French millennials...”

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    “Superestudio, a decade into creating branding and animation for television brands around the world, is making moves...”

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    “INACTIVO. It’s about a woodcutter’s brave journey through a gloomy forest of giant scissors...”

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